Cytozyme has a simple mission:
to feed the world responsibly.

Since 1975, we’ve collaborated with scientists, research institutions, governments, business leaders and growers on six continents to develop products that naturally maximize crop growth on a cellular level.

The cornerstone of Cytozyme technology is our multidisciplinary approach that incorporates more than 40 years of new discoveries in agronomy, plant physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry and in-the-field experience from growers around the world to continually provide scientific advancements in plant, animal and aquaculture production.

Our environmentally friendly technologies support the formation of natural metabolites in the plant’s cells and increase antioxidant activity to improve growth, resilience and quality. As a result, growers are able to produce crops that deliver a consistent performance with an increased ROI. From apple orchards in the Pacific Northwest to coffee plantations in Brazil, rice fields in Southeast Asia and cornfields in Iowa, Cytozyme technology enables the world’s farmers to grow better.

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